I run my games like I run a marathon, a lot of shortcuts and lying.

  • Katon Smiteclad

    A biography? *Staring into the sunrise* I don't have time for such nonsense while injustice is free to taint the land.

    (Human Paladin)

  • Borel Evenwind

    A high-elf wizard who is skeptical of everyone's intentions, especially the sneaky wood-elf. Known to start a fire or two (or five).

  • Aewyn Li'thios

    Aewyn likes to keep things short and to the point. Much like this bio. (He's a Wood Elf Ranger)

  • Baerdram Bourbonbeard

    A self conscious Dwarf Barbarian with a drinking problem and an itch for conflict. 

  • Leaf Barkman

    A shrill halfling druid who's out to prove she can hang with the REAL heroes.

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