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A D&D Podcast.


Welcome and well met, weary DnDpodcast listeners! You have reached the home of what we hope you will consider one of the best DnD podcasts running. Some of you may be wondering who we are. Well, our name says it all, of course. 

We are the New Crits on the Block, a group of six friends who enjoy creating immersive stories about worlds that never were. We are not your average gang of elves, dwarves, and halflings, of course. We aim to roll natural twenties for fun, and we hope you will join us. No fumbles here. We want to be the best Dungeons and Dragons podcast you have ever heard!

We are New Crits on the Block.

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Who We Are

The best D&D podcasts thrive or fail because of their groups. Make no mistake. Our ranks might not include Vin Diesel or Dame Judi Dench, but ours is nevertheless a hearty party of adventurers and heroes.

Kristy plays Leaf, a Halfling druid with the drive to survive. Ben portrays Katon who knows injustice when he smells it; boy, does he hate that smell! Joe is the mind behind Baedram, who never met a kobold he could not beat in a good old wrist wrestle (well, except that one time, but no one talks about that). Matt sometimes gives Aewyn initiative rolls greater than ten. Finally, Brian's character Borel is guaranteed to make a lasting impression with his arcane wit and spells. 

Behind this stalwart party is world builder extraordinaire, Dungeon Master Jake. He serves up slices of action, excitement, and humor in the most diverting way possible. Jake plays a cast of hundreds of non-player characters and monsters who show up, interact, and maybe leave with their teeth intact! 

Not all the characters will walk away from every session in this DnD podcast. Sometimes you have to wonder who will survive and what will be left of them? Worst of all, which of this week's fumbles might return from beyond the grave, and what parts will they be missing? You have to listen to learn!


Questions? We got answers!

Dungeons and Whatnow?

Dungeons and Dragons is a roleplaying game of high fantasy. It is a board game for the mind, a way to collaborate on high fantasy stories. Characters explore worlds touched by magic, peopled by ancient races such as elves and dwarves, populated with all kinds of ferocious monsters, driven by dire plots, and resting places for glorious treasure hordes. Think J.R.R. Tolkien's Lord of the Rings and add in a dollop of The Witcher for good measure. Then, sprinkle a little She-Ra and the Princesses of Power or the otherworldliness of Trollhunters on top. You get the picture. It is a tasty, tasty sundae of strange worlds, swords and sorcery, and a triple scoop of fun.


All the cool kids are playing it. 


No really. Did you know Vin Diesel plays Dungeons and Dragons? He does. He totally does. He even taught Dame Judi Dench how to play. Cool kids don't come much cooler than those two!


Do We Have Your Attention?

Great! The shows are reasonable lengths. Just enough to get to the good stuff. All orc killer, no gnome filler. You can throw this DnD podcast on in the background or listen when you drive around town. Also, we are one of the best DnD podcasts for road trips. We bet you cannot find any official sources to dispute this.


Note: We assume zero liability for accidents when operating heavy machinery due to gut busting laughs or bone-chilling terror you might experience from exposure to our content. If you find us funny, that is great and all. Laugh like you mean it. However, it is still your responsibility to drive safely. If you try the age-old "I got in an accident because of a perfectly crafted dungeons and dragons podcast" bit, we'll counter-sue. Like, HARD. 


Spreading the Word

There are many DnD podcasts out there in the world. We know that. If something about our show touches you enough to convince you to become our champion, then we are blessed and get a +1 to the next show!


Some of you might be wondering how to become our paladins. Well, you do not need to swear yourself to scouring injustice in our name! It is far, far easier.


If you enjoy what we do and you want to get the word out, there are many ways. Use the buttons below to share us on your favorite social media platform. If there's no button, copy the link to our D&D podcast and shout about us from the rooftops of the world! Or at least from your link to social media.


Add a review to our episodes. You can do this wherever you get our content. We love five stars as much as anyone does. However, we also appreciate honest feedback. We are doing our best with this labor of love, and we know there is room for improvement. We will improve over time. We promise!

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Why Subscribe to Us?

This real-play D&D podcast is not just another, run of the mill real-play D&D podcast. We want to make New Crits on the Block better than an "oh, that was one of the all right, sort of good DnD podcasts," we want to make this the absolute bestest of the best D&D podcasts. We aim to become bacon for the role-playing gamer's soul. Bacon. But delivered through the ears instead of the mouth.


Seriously. Bacon. For. The Soul. THAT'S what a good dungeons and dragons podcast should feel like.


Do you dare doubt DnD podcasts can achieve such a lofty goal? Give us a listen. Give us a chance to pick your pocket, err, I mean show you what we've got. Then you will be able to tell us if we are on our way to the best DnD podcast you have ever heard. 


The good DnD podcasts can enchant the listener. New Crits on the Block wants to transmute you into rabid followers. We are not just throwing illusions. In our goal of becoming the best DnD Podcast, we are reaching into the bag of dirty necromantic tricks or maybe into the conjuration sphere of magic and handing you exactly what you want. Good stories shared by fun people. 


Trust us. When you hear what we are doing on this DnD podcast and how we play the game like BOSSES, you will hammer that Subscribe button so hard that your phone or mouse will be crying until next Wednesday! This is not a call to action. It is a call to "Roll for Init, baby!"


Are you ready to roll with us? Feeling lucky, are ye? Good! Welcome aboard and come back often!

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